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  Mseilha Dam

Construction of the Mseilha Dam and Lake

  Location: Lebanon / Batroun
Client: Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water
Consultant: LibanConsult

The objective of this dam is the creation of a reservoir capable of ensuring the following:

  • drinking water up to 2030 of a portion of the localities in the Cazas of Batroun and Koura;
  • water supply to certain industries in the region;
  • irrigation of agricultural lands located mostly at North of Nahr El-Jawz with 1000 ha exploitable area.

The site of Mseilha Dam is located on Nahr El-Jawz in its downstream part approximately at 400 m upstream of Qal'at El-Mseilha in the Caza of Batroun, at the East of new Batroun – Chekka road. The development includes:

  • a 400 m long and 35 m high dam;
  • a gallery of temporary diversion on the left bank of 255 m long and 4 m in diameter with D-section transformed at the definitive stage at the bottom drain and ensuring the path of the supply line to a treatment plant;
  • a spillway consisting of a circular well of 27 m in height and 10 m in diameter and an evacuation gallery 131 m long and 9 m in diameter;
  • an inlet with three levels installed on the left bank.
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Palazzo Vatticani - Palermo
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